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Does hair remover strips have warranty period?

Each hair remover strips has the warranty period. During the warranty period, the product could be maintained and repaired for free. The warranty period may be extended if it is required by you. You could have the confidence that our products are of high quality and are almost in no need of repair during the warranty period.

For years, Hangzhou Hongrun Non-Woven Co., Ltd. has focused on understanding customer needs in order to provide optimal fabric cleaning wipes manufacturing solutions. Hongrun Non-Woven Fabric focuses on providing a variety of non woven fabric uses for customers. Made from high quality materials, Hongrun Non-Woven Fabric spunlace wipes provides exceptional finish. Its flame-retardant properties meet the standard according to ISO 9239-1. The product will not suddenly burn out or fail, it merely dims over time. Because it has a high quality driver that won't shut down. It is exported to regions across the world, such as North America, Western Europe, and Japan.

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