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Design principles and precautions of non-woven bags

1. Function description of non-woven bag
Hygiene: Design a food isolation area to distinguish meaty, vegetarian, raw and cooked foods. Different types of food are placed in different grids to avoid cross-infection caused by mixed food; use tarpaulin to enhance the isolation effect.
Labor-saving: Design wristband attachments, the wrist, back of the hand, and palm of the hand are separately stressed; and a flat stress area is formed on the strap, and the hand is not restrained when carrying heavy objects. The effect of saving effort is significant when it is more than 100 meters away. Both anti-robbing function.
Convenience: The tarp is easy to dry, which is convenient for wiping and cleaning; the main accessories form a whole, which is convenient for retention; the shopping bag is small in size after being folded.
It is easy to carry; the shopping bag is small and the main accessory can be separated or combined, which is convenient to use.
Environmental protection: Made of environmentally friendly materials, reusable and recyclable.

2. Basis of functional design
From the perspective of environmental protection, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are widely regarded as the worst invention of mankind in the 20th century, but it has been popular all over the world for more than 100 years because it has two advantages and suits the needs of consumers. One is convenience. With plastic bags, people don’t need to bring their own shopping tools when shopping, which saves the burden of carrying; plastic bags are thrown away after they are used to avoid the burden of keeping them. This pair of fast-paced office workers, long-term and short-term use. The second is hygiene. The cost of plastic bags is low. There are prerequisites to pack meat, vegetables, raw food, cooked food and daily necessities in different bags. In particular, the isolation of food is very important to avoid cross-infection caused by mixed food, which is in line with people's hygiene. look forward to.

If it is not for the catastrophic consequences of the environment, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are very suitable for consumers. People's consumption habits of using ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are, in the final analysis, convenient consumption habits and hygienic consumption habits, which are the fair core of consumption habits. The replacement of plastic shopping bags must have the basic functions of environmental protection, convenience, and hygiene, and meet the needs of consumers, as well as the requirements of labor-saving functions. Effort is to reduce the sense of uneasiness when carrying heavy objects. Office workers usually buy food and daily necessities for a week on weekends, and the amount of shopping is large each time. When using plastic shopping bags, the labor-saving problem is not solved, but because plastic shopping bags can be scattered and carried, even if they feel uncomfortable, their weight is still bearable; after not using plastic shopping bags, the shopping items will be concentrated in one shopping tool In the (bag or blue), things are put together to carry them, and the weight is not light. Shopping is mainly housewives, and it is difficult to carry them. In this way, the problem of labor saving is raised. When purchasing large-package items such as rice, oil, milk, etc., it is even more necessary to solve the problem of labor saving.

From the perspective of social demand and consumer demand, the alternatives to plastic shopping bags such as biodegradable plastic bags, non-woven bags, bamboo blue, and willow baskets are not ideal. Biodegradable plastic bags mainly do not meet the requirements of saving resources. In the long run, the disposable consumption method of throwing away after use is not advisable. Non-woven bags are mainly water-proof, oil-proof, anti-fouling and sub-packaging. In the process of use, it is inevitable that some water-based and oily items such as tofu, fish, meat will contaminate other items, especially for Pollution of raw and cooked food endangers human health. Bamboo blue and willow baskets are mainly inconvenient, especially not suitable for office workers to shop by the way during work. The multifunctional shopping bag comprehensively solves the problems of environmental protection, convenience, hygiene, and labor saving, and adheres to the organic identity of social needs and consumer demands. It is a better replacement than plastic shopping bags.

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