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How to calculate the weight of non-woven fabric?

What is weight? Weight is a measure of the size of an object under gravity. Weight and mass are different, and the unit is Newton. It is the fundamental characteristic of an object. Under the gravity of the earth, the weight of a substance with a mass of 1 kilogram is 9.8 Newtons.

Any object has weight. Just like the non-woven fabrics we are talking about today, how to calculate the weight of non-woven fabrics? In the calculation of the weight and weight of non-woven fabrics, 4 units are commonly used. One is yard, English yard, abbreviated as Y; second is meter, English meter, abbreviated as m, third is gram, English gram, abbreviated as grams, and fourth is millimeter, abbreviated as mm.

1. Length
In the standard, yards and meters are calculated lengths, but there is a particular emphasis here. This concept is also commonly used to distinguish between experts and non-experts, because non-woven fabrics are all rolled by roll, and the height of the roll is called the width, and the unit is meter. It shows that the commonly used standards are generally 2.40 meters, 1.60 meters, and 3.2 meters.

2. Weight and thickness
Since there is length and width, is there a unit of thickness? Yes, yes, the number of grams is used to calculate the thickness, and the gram refers to the square gram weight, that is, g/m^2. Why is it not necessary to millimeters? In fact, it is also useful The millimeter is only used less. This is a working rule. In fact, the square weight can be equivalent to the millimeter in thickness, because the weight of non-woven fabric is between 10g/㎡~320g/㎡.

3. Hardness (feel)/gloss
Nowadays, there is very little information on the testing of non-woven fabric hardness in the market. Generally, it is tested by hand/gloss.

Fourth, the tensile parameters of the non-woven fabric.
Non-woven fabric has vertical and horizontal tension parameters. If it is made of irregular drawing, pressing and melt-blowning, the vertical and horizontal tension is not much different.

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