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How to distinguish pure paper and non-woven fabric?

1. Smell the smell. Open the sample of the wallpaper, especially the new sample, get close to smell the smell, the pure natural wallpaper emits a light wood scent, almost no smell, if there is a peculiar smell, it is not a pure natural wallpaper.

2. Burn with fire. Take a small piece of wallpaper and burn it with fire. When the pure natural wallpaper burns, there is no black smoke. You can smell the wood fragrance. The dust after burning is also white; if you smell the smell of plastic and there is dense smoke, the gray is black. It may be a wallpaper made of non-woven material.
The non-woven material wallpaper burns, emits black smoke, and the gum smell is permeated. The ashes were also black and hard.
The burning scene of pure paper wallpaper, wisps of green smoke, only the normal smell of burning paper, no glue smell. The ashes were white and ash-like, and scattered when blown, like the ashes of a cigarette.

3. Do a drip test. Put a few drops of water on the back of the wallpaper to see if there is water passing through the surface of the paper. If you can't see it, it means that the wallpaper does not have air permeability and is by no means pure natural wallpaper.
Take a piece of pure paper wallpaper and pour a little water on the back. After about 15 minutes, the water will penetrate the front of the wallpaper. Remove the wallpaper and you can see that the water has penetrated onto the desktop.

4. Soak with water. Soak a small part of the wallpaper in water, and then use your fingers to scratch the surface and back of the wallpaper to see if it fades or soaks. The real natural wallpaper is particularly strong, and because the dye is a pure natural ingredient extracted from flowers and linen, Will not discolor due to blisters.

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