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How to identify non-woven fabric and pure paper?

What is the difference between PVC wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, and pure paper wallpaper?
PVC wallpaper is a pure paper bottom layer (or non-woven fabric, woven fabric bottom layer) covered with a layer of polyvinyl chloride film, and the raw materials are made by laminating, embossing, and printing. This kind of wallpaper has exquisite printing, good embossed texture, good waterproof and moisture-proof, durable and easy to maintain. This type of wallpaper is currently the most commonly used and most versatile wallpaper, which can be widely used in all homes and commercial places. Non-woven wallpaper, also called non-woven paper wallpaper, is a kind of high-end wallpaper/wallpaper. Due to the use of natural plant fiber non-woven technology, it has stronger tensile force, more environmental protection, no moldy and yellowing, and good air permeability is the main reason for high-quality wallpaper. Substrate. Non-woven wallpaper products originated from Europe and are popular from France. They are the latest and most environmentally friendly materials. It is also called non-woven fabric because it uses the non-woven technology in weaving, but it should be called non-woven paper to be precise. , Is a kind of wallpaper made entirely of paper pulp, this kind of wallpaper is transparent due to the use of pure natural pulp fiber.

Which is better, non-woven wallpaper or pure paper wallpaper? What is the difference?
Ordinary wall coverings are more expensive than ordinary wallpapers. 1. All-paper wallpaper is also called paper-based wallpaper? Or ordinary wallpaper. This is the earliest wallpaper applied, and the price is relatively cheap. There are very few on the market at present. There are mainly wood grain patterns, marble patterns, embossed patterns and so on. Due to the poor performance of this wallpaper, intolerance to moisture, water, and cannot be scrubbed, it will cause a lot of inconvenience after decoration, and it is likely to be naughty out of the game in the future. 2. Fabric wallpaper This is a higher-level variety in the wallpaper family. It is mainly wallpaper woven with silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers as raw materials. It has the characteristics of elegant color and soft texture. Among them, non-woven wall cloth is a new type of higher-level facing material made of natural fibers such as cotton and linen or polyester-acrylic synthetic fiber hexun2 through non-woven molding, resin coating, and color printing. It has the characteristics of being stiff, not easy to break, elastic, clean and cashmere.

How do you see whether the wallpaper is a non-woven wallpaper or a pure paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper?
The non-woven fabric is very light, and when you pick it up, you can see very obvious fibers. It's the same as dried linen. The pure paper is very thin, and there is a big way when you fold it. The surface is not very smooth. PVC is a very thin layer of PVC coated on the surface of the paper. Take into account the durability. It's thicker. Some PVC is very thick and thick, embossed.

What is the difference between pure paper and non-woven fabric?
Paper is paper and cloth is cloth. The common point of the two is that they are environmentally friendly products, and the cost is relatively low. In many fields, they can be used interchangeably. The cost of paper is lower than that of non-woven fabrics. Non-woven products are more durable than paper and the like. For example, environmental protection bags, non-woven environmental protection bags are more expensive than paper, and there are many more.

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