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How to increase the application toughness of non-woven fabrics?

Most of the cloth bags in the shopping malls are made of non-woven fabrics. This kind of fabric feels very comfortable. The improvement of its load-bearing capacity is to make it stronger and not easy to break, and to improve its quality. How to increase the load-bearing capacity of the cloth? Non-woven fabric manufacturers will take you to understand:

1. Make a cross at the handle
During the movement of the non-woven fabric, most of the force will be accepted at the four points of the hand. If the load-bearing function of these four points is good and not easy to tear, the load-bearing function will be greatly enhanced. Therefore, do the cross-cutting in the portable place.

2. The cart to the bottom or the entire circle
If you put the cart to the bottom of the bag or loop around the bag, the load-bearing area of the non-woven fabric will increase many times, and it will not rely solely on the four points of the hand to support. The entire front and back of the bag will be shared, and the weight-bearing function will be greatly enhanced. It is necessary to increase the load-bearing capacity of the non-woven fabric to prevent it from being torn, and strictly control the quality during the production process. According to the principles of physics, increase the load-bearing area, reduce the gravity, and try to make it denser.

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