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How to use the leftover non-woven fabric scraps?

During the production and processing of non-woven fabrics, some surplus non-woven fabric scraps often occur. Most non-woven fabric manufacturers treat these surplus non-woven fabric scraps as waste materials, but in fact, these processed non-woven fabric scraps It is fully usable and can be made into various accessories, packaging bags and plush toys through simple processing and manufacturing. So how to use the leftover non-woven fabric scraps? The non-woven fabric manufacturer will show you:
Non-woven fabric scrap is a product left over from production. In addition to recycling and reuse, it is sold to some small food manufacturers to produce and fill various accessories. Here is a detailed introduction to it. Use and handling.
  Because of the wide application of non-square cloth, in the production process, it is inevitable that some non-square cloth scraps will occur. Although they are scraps, after careful processing, they can also be turned into good quality products without square fabrics, but non-square fabric scraps, such as pp non-woven fabric scraps, are much lower in price than non-scraps. Fang cloth products are very cost-effective.
As an environmentally friendly material, non-woven fabrics are characterized by easy differentiation and non-toxicity. Many scraps generated in production can be degraded in the later stage and produced from scratch to non-woven fabrics, which can reduce a lot of production costs for enterprises. .
After the non-woven fabric is cut during production, some fabrics are still very large, and these leftovers are very suitable for the production of small accessories. In addition, in some plush toys or other toys, it is also very reasonable as a filler .
As scraps of non-woven fabrics, the purchased materials are low in price, but the prices of the products made are as mentioned above. Is this profitable space? Of course, some non-woven fabrics require high quality and cannot be used like pp. Woven fabric scraps and other non-square fabric scraps are made out! Therefore, use non-square fabric scraps to make a variety of non-woven products, such as environmentally friendly shopping bags, clothing lining fabrics, packaging linings, etc.
Enterprises will have a lot of non-woven scraps left over during the production and processing process. It is a pity that many of these leftovers are actually thrown away. In fact, it is completely possible to store the remaining scraps in a boring environment, compared to when needed in the future. These non-woven fabric scraps are then processed into various interlinings and packaging bags.

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