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Selection of packaging materials for non-woven products

Non-woven packaging materials generally include wound paper tubes, plastic films, woven bags, as well as stretch films, sealing glue, paper core plugs, labels, etc.

In the production of non-woven fabrics, the wound paper tubes used are generally divided by their inner diameter and thickness, and sometimes the length used has certain requirements. The current used generally have 76mm inner diameter 4mm thick paper tubes, and 76mm inner diameter 7mm thick paper Tube, with 76mm inner diameter 9mm extra-thick paper tube. According to the customer's selection and the size of the product, different paper tubes can be selected. For domestic customers, without special requirements, the paper tubes usually used are 76mm inner diameter 4mm thickness. As for foreign customers, who have strict requirements on the appearance and shape of the product due to the long delivery time and the number of moves, they use thicker or extra-thick paper tubes. The production time is longer and the weight is larger, or in the case of the customer, thicker or extra-thick paper tubes are also used. For example, when producing orders from some Japanese customers, thick or extra-thick paper tubes are generally used, and the center of the paper tube cannot have an interface.

In terms of outer packaging, if the customer has no special or explicit requirements, generally single-layer plastic film packaging is selected, while other customers’ requirements, the packaging methods are selected, such as double-layer plastic film, single-layer plastic film + woven bag, Single-layer plastic film + stretch film, etc.

The distinguishing classification of non-woven fabrics is mainly divided by the labels attached. The commonly used labels are company label, neutral label, customer label, etc. The label generally has the production batch number, production order number, weight, roll length, width, color, color number, and class, date, weight, etc. All items must be filled in correctly, and smearing is not allowed to facilitate product differentiation and traceability The production status of the product.

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