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The difference between pure paper and non-woven fabric

What is the difference between pure paper and non-woven fabric? Under normal circumstances, wallpaper of non-woven material is easier to curl, while wallpaper of pure natural material is not easy to curl, and the air permeability is quite good, and it will not be caused by wet weather. Air bubbles and mildew are produced.

Pure paper wallpaper is the most environmentally friendly wallpaper among all kinds of wallpaper materials. It has outstanding printing effect, matte, environmental protection, natural, comfortable, and intimacy; it is a high-end wallpaper material, with a large market share in provincial capitals and economically developed cities, and paper quality The use rate of wallpaper in the world accounts for about 17%; however, since pure paper is prone to shrinkage and seams after being pasted, many consumers cannot accept it, resulting in a market share of about 17%.

Non-woven fabrics are currently the world's most popular environmentally friendly wallpaper without glass fiber. Its characteristic is that the main component is plant fiber, which is harmless to the human body and the environment, easy to recycle and decompose, and meets the most stringent standards of global safety performance requirements. The surface is weak and the silk texture is displayed; strong air permeability, no mold, and anti-mite , Anti-static; Good stability, impact resistance, no shrinkage, no stretching, no deformation, no joints; good coverage, can cover small cracks on the wall. However, due to the uneven surface, environmental protection and printing effect are relatively worse than pure paper.

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