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What are the applications of Nonwoven Fabric Raw Material?

Generally, the nonwoven fabric raw material consists of binder fibers, which are loose fibers that are not part of fiber balls. These fibers are also known as core/sheath fibers. The binder fibers can be composed of a polymer that is used as the sheath, while the core may be made of polyester, butylene naphthalate, or aromatic polyamides.

The preparation of the nonwoven fabric raw material is done upstream of the nonwoven fabric formation process. While the fiber material is disintegrated, it is also mixed with other non-fiber materials. Spiked rollers in a row of shafts enable good results because they mesh together, allowing the nonwoven fabric raw material to pass through them. In addition, they facilitate targeted opening and allow the fiber material to be distributed throughout the nonwoven formation system.

The nonwoven fabric raw material is the base material for manufacturing a range of products. This includes disposable and oil-proof bed sheets. Nonwoven fabrics are also often used in molding. They can also be used as cushion covers and mattress toppers. For these purposes, the volume nonwoven fabric raw material is a good choice. Its unique properties make it a versatile product that can be used in a variety of different applications.

The spunlaced nonwoven fibers in a nonwoven fabric raw material are sanitary and hypoallergenic. This makes them a good choice for cleaning and protecting skin. Nonwoven fabric raw material with a defined bonded region is soft and stable, while those without bonded regions are coarse.

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