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What are the characteristics of non-woven mask?

Non-woven facial mask is one of the common types of facial masks, and the price is relatively favorable. Its effects are usually moisturizing, moisturizing and whitening, and it is more suitable for normal skin and dry skin. Non-woven mask can play the role of moisturizing, moisturizing, whitening, supplying nutrition and so on. Since the stratum corneum of the skin acts as the outer layer of the skin, it balances skin moisture, acts as a barrier, and protects the skin from external damage, while the soft non-woven fabric does not damage the facial skin. more and more popular.

Product use of non-woven facial mask: non-woven facial mask is used to cover the face for a short period of time, blocking the contact between the skin and the air, inhibiting the transpiration of skin moisture, so as to maintain sufficient moisture on the facial skin; together with non-woven facial mask With moisture, it can fully moisturize the skin stratum corneum, so that the penetration of the stratum corneum can be enhanced, so that the nutrients in the mask can effectively penetrate into the skin and promote the metabolism of epithelial tissue cells. The non-woven mask includes non-woven fabric and essence. The non-woven fabric acts as a carrier to absorb the essence, and can be fixed on a specific position on the face to form a closing layer to promote the absorption of the essence.

Features of non-woven face mask:
1. No lint, strong, durable, silky soft, with a cotton feel.
2. Soft feeling in use: The non-woven fabric feels soft when used and has excellent moisturizing function, so during the application process, the mask will not dry out and make the skin tight. The excellent moisturizing properties of non-woven fabrics can keep the skin in a moist, soft and relaxed state throughout the application stage.
3. There are more essences: the application is soft and comfortable, the sealing is good, it is popular with us, and it is of high quality and low price.

How to use the non-woven mask:
1. Disassemble the compressed non-woven mask and soak it in milk or other products. After a few minutes, the non-woven fabric will swell, and then you can apply it on your face.
2. Or pour the lotion into a bowl, put the tightened non-woven mask into it, and then apply it on the face, which can help the skin to absorb for a long time.

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