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What are the printing methods of non-woven fabrics?

Features of silk screen
1. Beautiful, yes, bright colors;
2. The price is high, yes, silk screen printing is the most expensive among all the printing processes of non-woven fabrics. Calculated by the number of colors, one color can cost as little as one dime, and as much as fifty or six cents;
3. Film loading, the speed is slow, most screen printing machines only support film loading printing, but not roll printing, so the efficiency of manual screen printing is very low.

With the continuous improvement of the market's requirements for non-woven printing products, the above-mentioned characteristics of silk screen printing are obviously unsatisfactory. Here we introduce several mainstream products on the market:
1. Offset printing (gravure printing). This type of printing technology allows the pattern to be printed to be formed in a prominent manner on the rubber. The plate making process is fast, and then printed on the machine. The printing feature is no ink loss, low energy consumption and fast energy consumption. Its characteristic is surface printing and pattern expressiveness. limited.
2. Copperplate printing (gravure printing). This type of printing technology allows the pattern to be printed to be formed in a concave manner on the copper and chromium. The plate-making process is slow, and then printed by the machine, which is characterized by fine printing and fast speed.
3. Thermal transfer printing. This method is more cumbersome, that is, first print the graphics on the thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper, and then transfer the pattern to the non-woven fabric by heating the transfer device. The commonly used medium in textile printing is heat transfer film, its advantages are: exquisite, layered version, comparable to photos. Therefore, we have seen that beautiful non-woven bags are more expensive because of the high cost of this method.

The above are all about the printing methods of non-woven fabrics, because each method is different, and the consumption cost and the time of use are different, so there is a difference in price. The better-looking, the more expensive, the simpler and monotonous, the cheaper.

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