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What is the application range of cotton needle punched non-woven fabrics?

Cotton needle punched non-woven fabrics are widely used, mainly in:

①Medical and sanitary supplies: disposable surgical dressings, sterile wipes, wound dressings, soluble hemostatic gauze, medicinal plasters, hemostatic wound healing dressings, bandages, gauze balls, absorbent pads, gauze sheets, surgical towels, surgical gowns, surgery Caps, surgical curtains, isolation gowns, bed supplies, masks, face masks, nasal masks, trauma care, etc., as well as new polymer medical hygiene materials such as super filtration, nano filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, artificial human organs, and surgical sutures;

②Dry and wet wipes, including disposable wet products, catering wipes, wet cosmetics products, disinfection medical wipes, screen wipes, household wipes, baby wipes, car wipes, suitable for house cleaning and printing Various wipes for industrial, paint and other industries;

③Household hygiene products, including cotton pads, facial masks, sanitary napkins, pads, baby and adult diapers, health underwear, deodorant socks, environmental protection bags, tablecloths, disposable toiletries, travel hygiene products, etc.;

④The spunlace cloth with flame-retardant, antibacterial, water-repellent, anti-static and water-soluble functional spunlace cloth can penetrate into medical protective clothing, military chemical protective clothing, electronics, filtration, packaging and other fields, and play a role in waterproof and moisture permeability, bacterial isolation , Biochemical filtration and other functions;

⑤ Synthetic leather base cloth, coated base cloth, household decoration, clothing accessories, etc.

⑥Personal care products such as cotton face towels, napkins, soft towel rolls, and pure cotton soft towels

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