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What is the role of non-woven fabrics in the waterproof construction of coatings?

Non-woven fabrics refer to non-woven fabrics, or non-woven fabrics. It is a kind of fabric that never needs spinning and weaving, but orienting or probabilistically arranging textile staple fibers or filaments to form a web structure, which is then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. Hence it is. It has the characteristics of moisture resistance, breathability, flexibility, light weight, no combustion support, difficult to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, various colors, low price, and can be recycled and reused.

Its own moisture-proof, breathable and flexible properties make the non-woven fabrics can be closely combined with waterproof coatings. In addition, the increasingly critical role of non-woven fabrics for waterproofing is to strengthen and resist tensile cracks.


How to resist cracking? To give a very intuitive example, when we are decorating, if there are tiny cracks on the wall, the painter will tell us: it can be solved by hanging a net. This net is a fiberglass mesh, which is used to resist the shrinkage of concrete and putty. pulling force.

Similarly, the non-woven fabric used in the waterproof construction process is also used as reinforcement to enhance the tensile properties of the paint coating, so that the waterproof coating can be formed as a whole, and thus never leak water.

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