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What kind of spunlace non-woven fabric can be used to make wet wipes?

There are two types of wipes according to the material: one is wet strength paper and the other is spunlace non-woven fabric. Most wipes are made of spunlace nonwoven.

Wet wipes will be classified in terms of materials, which can be divided into two types: polyester and cotton. All polyester feels hard and smooth, and cotton feels soft.

1: The better material at the moment is a wet towel made of cotton, which is about 51,000 tons. Advantages: It is close to the skin and has good water absorption. Because of the high price, it is not mainstream and basically not abroad. However, with the current trend, most brands have also begun to prepare all cotton towels, which are less than ten dollars due to the reduction to a pack. , although it is several times more expensive than ordinary wet wipes, the price is dozens of yuan per pack.

2: Glue (pulp fiber) and polyester blended yarn, now this is the mainstream, the difference is the ratio of viscose and polyester, all glue is 26,000 tons, polyester 10,000 tons, now the most mainstream wet wipes on the market are 30 glue , 70 polyester ratio.

3: There is also a wood pulp dust-free paper that is also being used, but when it comes to some of it, the direction is that the wet towel can be thrown directly in the toilet, and the dispersion and cloth fastness are two directions. Personally, I think the development of wipes is still in the experience of use, such as the direction and feel of development, the feel of the skin and the progress of the wipe.

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