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Why can't non-woven fabrics be applied to clothing?

Non-woven fabrics have many characteristics that woven and knitted fabrics do not have. Such as its short production process, high output, wide range of uses, and diverse sources of raw materials. However, compared with traditional woven or knitted fabrics, its repeated washing, stretching force and drapability are slightly insufficient. As a clothing fabric, it has great limitations and is not favored by clothing manufacturers.

Why is it difficult to make non-woven fabrics for clothing?
Non-woven clothing is also limited to certain special fields such as disposable medical protective clothing, paper underwear and other products. As for using it as a fabric for outdoor trousers, jackets and other clothing, there will be many problems in the way.

It is a composite spunbond filament web that is continuously impacted by high-pressure water needles to split the filaments into fine denier filaments of different denier (0.05~2.5dtex). It has excellent mechanical properties, high moisture and breathability, and soft hand feel. Because this non-woven fabric material has good tear resistance, light weight and soft hand feel, and can be processed by high-tech such as ultrasonic stitching or laser cutting, it is especially suitable for home textiles, leisure wear, sportswear, etc. On the one hand, it can fully meet the requirements of outdoor wear. This high-tech product, its micro system technology is suitable for future high-tech clothing, is an ideal ecological fabric for making sportswear, and has a broad market prospect.

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