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Hair removal strips

Hair removal strips

Product Description

Depilatory wax strips are sanitary and disposable,ideal for use in the shop or right at home. Made from non-woven fabric, they aid in the depilatory waxing process. These hair removal wax strips are simple to use. Apply one fabric cloth to the desired area with the wax side down. Firmly press it on the skin and tear it quickly from the bottom to remove it. Dispose of it immediately after use.
1. Sizes and thickness can be customized.
2. Sanitary and disposable
3. Must have for your salon or at home
4. High-quality, non-woven fabric

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Product Name Depilatory  Wax Strip
Material 100%polyester
Color White/Customized
Size 3.8cm*10cm/customized
Weight 70gsm/customized

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