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What are the benefits of non-woven sheets for face masks?

Bio cellulose
Bio cellulose is a type of nonwoven sheet used in facial masks. It has the ability to adhere better to the skin and transfer skin care ingredients more effectively. As a result, it is well accepted among skin care professionals. Estheticians value its ability to calm the skin and incorporate it into a variety of popular skin resurfacing services.

Bio cellulose facial mask sheets are environmentally friendly. The fibers are made from renewable resources and are biodegradable and compostable. Besides that, they are skin friendly. These sheets have anti-aging properties, and can improve the skin's overall health. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Bio cellulose facial mask sheets are also comfortable and soft to the skin.

Cupro fibers
Cupro fibers are a good choice for nonwoven facial mask sheets, as they provide good water lock and adhesion while maintaining transparency. Cupro fibers are manufactured in a high-pressure spunlaced process. A nonwoven facial mask sheet made of cupro fibers should be more transparent and have a higher gsm.

Cupro fibers are made of cellulose, which is a natural fiber. This material is soft and comfortable. It is also known as black viscose. This fabric also has a high porosity, and the pores are well distributed.

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