A factory that specializes in the production of non-woven fabric products , providing OEM services.         China Other Products Factory and Other Products Wholesalers


In order to satisfy our customers' needs and meet the demands of an ever-changing world, we focus our resources on product development thus ensuring we remain competitive power.

Other Products Manufacturers

Hangzhou Hongrun nonwovens Co.,LTD is a China Other Products Manufacturers and Other Products factory, Specializing in the production and supply of Other Products and other products, Our products are used in many fields, and more than 90% of our products are exported all over the world. For example, North America, Western Europe, Japan and the Middle East. We continuously improve the quality of all products such as wholesale Other Products factory to provide customers with high-quality products. Our commitment is to understand and meet customer needs and expectations. Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction and establish a loyal long-term business relationship. We provide products with usual specifications for clients who have no special need. And if clients have special requirements for the products, we can provide specific customization according to different requirement.